When could Law and Order: SVU be renewed for season 19?

Should a Law & Order: SVU renewal be on the horizon? Last night, we wrote an article about timing for a Chicago Fire – Chicago PD renewal, and there is still quite a bit to discuss here in the proper context.

Why hasn’t SVU been renewed yet? If you think back to last year, then you will know that the show got a season 18 renewal a little earlier than usual (think the start of February) as a part of a new overall deal that Dick Wolf signed with NBC. This keeps the super-producer and his Wolf Films production brand there for a long time moving forward.

It’s getting that sort of announcement that makes you start to get accustomed to the idea of getting renewals long before May sweeps. The reality is that it doesn’t always happen with this show. While the past two seasons were renewed early in February, season 16 was actually not ordered until May of that season, not too long before the network’s upfront presentation. There are many reasons for a later renewal, whether it be a move designed to look at the ratings, or a lengthy negotiation between various parties on different things.

This season, we definitely don’t think the wait is due to ratings. The show continues to be a strong performer, and is only really behind Chicago Fire and This Is Us in terms of scripted drama performance. This may just be NBC taking their time, though they have given some renewals out already. This Is Us was ordered for two more seasons, and Superstore was recently given a nod for another batch of episodes. Even The Good Place, considered more of a bubble show based on its numbers, was given a second season.

In the end, there’s no reason to worry about a Law & Order: SVU season 19, While it’d be great if it was renewed already, we’d be shocked if the network makes you wait until May again. The earlier they announce the renewal, the earlier that the producers can start to figure out schedules and stories. That’s something that benefits everyone.