The Vampire Diaries Series Finale – First teaser features Nina Dobrev’s voice

Today, The CW unveiled the first teaser for the upcoming March 10 series finale for “The Vampire Diaries,” and the words spoken above are the words spoken by one Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), who is making her first appearance on the show ever since being sent to the coffin at the end of season 6. (Her voice has been heard on the show last season, but she hadn’t made her physical presence known before now.)

The voice that we hear does seem to be Elena rather than Katherine, given that we don’t think Katherine would sound either so innocent or confused. This has been one of our biggest questions since it was first confirmed that Dobrev was going to be appearing on the final episode of the series, as we weren’t entirely sure whether we’d be getting to see her character, or a certain alter ego that she’s played on the show over the years. (There are actually multiple other doppelganger’s that she has taken on, but these two are the most prominent and well-known.)

The scary implication is that if Elena is somehow back, that must mean that Bonnie Bennett is dead and that is not so much a thought that anyone really wants to entertain given that it would mean losing a beloved character before the finale. Bonnie is someone who has been through so many terrible things already, whether it be the death of many past loves or members of her family, you want to see her have a happy ending.

Here’s the flip side of that, and a reason to still have hope — this is a show that has found its way out of some difficult, challenging binds before. Therefore, if there was ever a show to emerge from the rubble of the whole “Bonnie must die so Elena can live” conundrum, it’s probably this one.