The Originals: Episode 4.04 Promo – Joseph Morgan directs!

The Originals season 4 episode 4 next week is going to be a big one for a number of different reasons. First and foremost, you’re going to get a chance to learn a thing or two more regarding everything that is transpiring with Hope and the strange occurrences regarding the children of New Orleans. Beyond that, you’re also going to be seeing the second episode directed by series star Joseph Morgan.

Executive producer Julie Plec has shown a willingness over the years to let her stars hone their abilities behind the camera. In addition to Morgan taking on the job here, we’ve also seen Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder each direct episodes of The Vampire Diaries in the past. It’s a great way for them to be even more involved in the show, and we’re all for them enriching more and more of their work. (Plus, if you’re an actor with this aspiration, why not take advantage of this chance?)

Now, let’s get to more of what you can expect to see in terms of the story that is coming up.

Spoilers – “Desperate to save her daughter, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) turns to Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) for help uncovering information about the mysterious force that has set its sights on the children of New Orleans. While Klaus (Joseph Morgan) remains behind with Hope (guest star Summer Fontana), Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and a reluctant Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) join the hunt, which puts them on a dangerous collision course with an unlikely new threat. Finally, Freya (Riley Voelkel) and Keelin (guest star Christina Moses) must put aside their differences as they embark on a journey that may alter the power dynamic in New Orleans forever.”

Ultimately, one thing that does remain clear is that there are many mysteries out there still within New Orleans that clearly need some unlocking / investigating, and hopefully this episode is going to provide a way to allow us to dive further into some of this. We’ve said it before, but we do think that one of the most interesting scenarios / outcomes of this season would be seeing Marcel end up joining forces with the majority of the Mikaelsons once more. There is something to be said for giving the group some sort of unity — even if they don’t always get along, a common enemy can be interesting. It’s a little bit like the Avengers if the Avengers sometimes had aggressive violent tendencies.