The Flash Season 3 – ‘Who is Savitar’ answers coming

The Flash season 3 is in the process continually of giving us questions to key answers, and as a result of that, you may be thrilled to learn that we could learn who is Savitar by the end of the month. If nothing else, we do know a character now with knowledge of his alter ego.

The upcoming March 28 episode entitled “Abra Kadabra” will feature that character, and we know a little more about the show’s version of him now. Like H.R. and also Gypsy, he is coming over from Earth-19, and he has an interesting proposition for Barry: If he lets him go in the midst of a battle, he will tell him the true identity of Savitar. Does all of this mean that the God of Speed also hails from this world? Could he be H.R. somehow? We’re really just trolling at this point, since we know that this would annoy fans to no end to have the Big Bad for the third straight year be someone who betrayed the STAR Labs team. Our personal feeling right now is that Savitar is another earth’s version of Julian, and he recruits other doppelgangers in way or another in order to do his bidding.

Before Barry can figure out whether or not he wants to take the deal, Gypsy is going to turn up and capture Abra Kadabra for her own reasons. This angers Barry, and it puts Cisco in a tough position where he has to figure out if he wants to side with his longtime partner-in-crime-fighting or with his new love interest, who is strong-willed and often adamant about what it is that she wants.

We do hope that we learn Savitar’s identity at some point before the end of the season; the biggest problem with him as a villain right now is that he’s this CGI monster and hard to form an attachment to on a greater level.