The Flash Season 3 – Gypsy will return for key Grodd battle

For anyone out there wondering whether or not Gypsy would be gone from “The Flash” for long, we come bearing great news: She’ll return by the end of the month! Not only that, but there’s a specific reason for it.

The CW confirmed Friday that Jessica Camacho is going to be coming back from her (and H.R.’s) world for the February 28 installment “Attack on Central City,” which is the follow-up to the February 21 episode beforehand entitled “Attack on Gorilla City.” Grodd’s going to be leading the charge as the main villain yet again here, and he could have company as he looks to get revenge on the city he first called home before being shipped over to Earth-2 and Gorilla City … which may have been a bad move in retrospect since you were giving him a chance to bond with some other like-minded people.

Another interesting thing about this episode is that Jesse Quick will be making a key choice — either she go back to Earth-2 and be a hero there, or stay on Earth-1 with Kid Flash. It’s a challenging debate for her given that the people of her Earth-2 home may need her, but in choosing to be there, she’s giving up on being close to someone she clearly cares about. Meanwhile, being away from Earth-2 could mean people could die there without her protection. We’re not sure it’s that easy for her to portal her way back and forth anytime that she wants to otherwise.

As for whether or not this will be the last episode (i.e. the spring finale), we hope not. We’d like to get back to Savitar at some point before we get to the final run of episodes in April, largely because there’s so much story still to tell there, and we want to gear up for a huge showdown of speedster versus speedster god. Even if Wally’s technically the one who needs to defeat him (per Barry’s own estimations), he’s still a valuable player as a strategist here.