The Big Bang Theory Season 10 – Is Sheldon pushing himself too far?

When The Big Bang Theory returns with new episodes, one of the things that you’re going to see is more of an effort from Sheldon to take more of an interest in Amy’s work. Consider this a big part of his campaign to try and be a better person. He wants to know more of what is going on with her life, and all of the various things that he can do in order to get himself immersed in her world. Sure, he’s still Sheldon, and with that comes an inherent selfishness to try to make things about him in the process. He’s making an effort, though, and that’s more than what we used to be able to say.

So what happens when Sheldon almost makes too much of an effort? That could be the focus of the April 6 installment entitled “The Recollection Dissipation,” based on some of the information that we’ve got at present from CBS.

In this episode, Sheldon will “push himself to the limit” as he tries to work hard on a project with Amy at the same time roughly as he works on one with Leonard and Howard. While he may be a thorn in everyone’s side from time to time, he’s valuable and many of his friends know that. They’re going to find a way to leverage his abilities for good, but it may be too much.

Meanwhile, this episode is also going to have an interesting side story: You’re going to see Bernadette get closer and closer to the end of her maternity leave, and in the process of that will need to brace herself to return to work. We imagine that this is going to be one other key component of the story as she works to make sure that everything at home is taken care of properly.

As we get near the end of this season, we’re curious to see what the main story focuses are going to be. For example, will the Sheldon / Amy engagement come back up? What about a Dean Norris return? These two storylines, plus also getting to see Raj living with Leonard and Penny, have been some of the biggest changes in season 10 to date beyond of course the obvious in Howard and Berndette’s baby.