The Big Bang Theory: Episode 10.19 Return Date – Kaley Cuoco’s back on…

What will The Big Bang Theory season 10 episode 19 return date be? Coming out of tonight’s episode — which features Raj’s new living arrangement — that is the big question. Unfortunately, the big answer is not one that is probably going to please a whole lot of people out there.

According to the Futon Critic, season 10 episode 19 is going to be airing on Thursday, March 30. Why the long wait? The NCAA Tournament may have a lot to do with that, given that it’s going to be dominating the airwaves much of the next several weeks. Also, you do have to remember that there are only a small numbers of stories left for Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, and the rest of the cast to take on. Think along the lines of six to be precise.

There will probably be another week or two off in April, presuming of course that the goal for the CBS show is to stay on the air until May before the lengthy hiatus. From here, the hope becomes rather clear: For the show to figure out a way to get renewed and the contracts resolved before the season starts up again with production in the fall. There seems to be a less-than-zero chance that it comes back, given that everyone involved maintains an interest in doing more of it. As a result of that, the question you have to wonder here instead relates to contracts.

Earlier this week, CBS CEO Les Moonves made it clear that he believed that The Big Bang Theory would be getting another 48 or so episodes over the course of the next two years, which matches most of the reports that we’ve heard out there. This is a show that loves the multi-year renewal, and if season 12 is for whatever reason the last, CBS can prepare for it and announce it in advance. By that time, you can argue that there’s certainly been enough story told to make everyone out there happy. Of course, there will also be some who understandably continue to want there to be more.

  • Mike Chinni

    As to the “less-than-zero chance that it comes back” comment, it has been confirmed that it *WILL* be back for at least 2 more seasons. So either you meant “100% chance that it comes back” or your sources are flawed.