The Big Bang Theory: Episode 10.18 Promo – Will Raj move in?

At the end of this past episode of The Big Bang Theory, we saw Leonard and Penny make Raj an offer. Specifically, they may it clear to him that if he was in need of a place to stay following his recent financial woes, he could move in with the two of them.

Well, we may be seeing that when the next new episode does air in one week’s time. “The Escape Hatch Identification” is the title for the next story, and the synopsis below does give you a pretty good sense regarding what could be coming up next on the show.

Synopsis – “When Raj moves out of his apartment, Leonard and Penny offer him Sheldon’s old room”

While it’s not 100% confirmed that Leonard and Penny are going to find themselves with a new roommate, this does certainly seem likely that it’s going to be the case. This story makes sense for so many different reasons. For one, it’s a huge evolution to the Raj character to get to see him on more of his own two feed rather than constantly at the beck and call of his parents. This was the situation that we saw him in for most of the tenth season, and it’s a nice, refreshing change to see him break away from that. Also, this fills up a room and a set that the show hasn’t used in a while in Sheldon’s old bedroom. It puts Raj more at the center of all the action, which is something that we needed after not getting to see a whole lot of his story in the first half of the season, beyond him trying to date a custodian and a relationship not coming to fruition as a result of said efforts.

The biggest hope that we’ve got by and large is that the series will continue finding some fun ways to evolve all of these characters — oh, and we should also mention that Christine Baranski of The Good Fight will be making a guest appearance in here, as well.