Supernatural Season 12 Spoilers – Scoop on another big Castiel episode

The twelfth season of “Supernatural” is one that has done its fair share of bouncing around from one story to the next, but we do get the sense that they want to focus on as many different major characters as possible. This past episode “Regarding Dean” was a great showcase for Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins, and before that we did have a nice one for Misha Collins’ Castiel.

Luckily, there is going to be more where that came from! Speaking to TVLine, Collins confirmed that “particularly getting close to the end of the season, things heat up dramatically for Cas … The pursuit of Kelly and her spawn turns into a transformative experience for Castiel, and that is meant with every possible type of entendre. We’re going to see a new iteration of Cas coming up.” Doesn’t that seem like an exciting-enough tease for you? It’s always good to give Cas some continuous stories that he can come back to and revisit.

We know that there will continue to be a few episodes here and there that don’t feature the character, mostly just because this is pretty firmly ingrained in how the show does business. (Also, Misha did have to take some time to film “Timeless” — that was probably during an episode that he wasn’t expected to appear in at all.)

One of the things that we’re now waiting to see are some big stories coming up for Mark A. Sheppard’s Crowley, and a few Monster of the Week plots that are glorious for their humor and creativity. If we can get all of that over the next ten or so episodes, it’ll be easy to come out of season 12 feeling good. Also, it certainly helps that we know that there is a season 13 coming up in the fall — cheers to The CW for continuing to make these announcements early, and not forcing anyone to wait a terribly long time.