Supergirl Season 3 – Katie McGrath Promoted to a Series Regular

Fans of Supercorp — or just fans of Lena Luthor in general — rejoice! Katie McGrath’s role is set to expand entering Supergirl season 3.

Sources confirm (per Deadline) that McGrath has been officially promoted to a series regular, which locks her in for the upcoming season. She’s been of recurring status as Lena Luthor for the entirety of season 2, and while she hasn’t appeared in every episode, she’s made a fast impression with many fans. The Supercorp ‘ship was born out of the chemistry that Lena and Kara Danvers have built together on-screen; even if you don’t see the relationship as romantic in some way, it’s still clear that the two characters have a unique friendship.

 Of course, with the Lena character you also have another key question as to whether or not she has another motive that we haven’t quite seen just yet. The show loves to remind you that she is a Luthor, and as a result of that, is capable of all sorts of shady stuff that we’ve seen over time from the remainder of her family. Her mother Lillian was responsible in part for running Project Cadmus, while simultaneously her brother Lex has a pretty serious background that really just speaks for itself. He’s just not the sort of person you want to be around at all.The thing we should note about this promotion is that this by no means guarantees that you’ll be seeing Lena through the entirety of season 3. It just means that she’s locked in contractually and she’ll be a part of the show somehow. A good example of what we’re speaking about here can be found over on Arrow — while Willa Holland is technically a series regular in the role of Thea Queen, she’s only appeared in a small percentage of the season 5 episodes. It could be something similar here, but it’s too early to tell.