Supergirl Season 2 – Will Jeremiah Danvers’ return be what it seems?

For anyone out there who is a fan of Dean Cain or his character on “Supergirl,” we come bearing some great news: There is going to be a great opportunity in order to see Jeremiah Danvers back in action a little bit later this season!

Now that we say this, we should also add that there’s a little bit of necessary caution to throw in here — not everything could be as it seems. On the upcoming February 27 episode entitled “Homecoming,” you’re going to get a chance to see Mon-El in particular have a few questions about the return of the character after his time with Project Cadmus. Given that Alex and Kara are going to just be happy to have their father back, they’re not going to question his return nearly as much and greet him with open arms.

Ultimately, it’s probably fair to say that Mon-El is acting smart when it comes to his suspicion, given that a Project Cadmus facility is not the sort of place that people tend to come back from very often, or all that easily for that matter. There is usually some degree of struggle associated with it, and that’s enough to make you wonder if he’s been brainwashed in some way or there is something that he’s not telling his daughters. Also, the fact that Cain is not a regular on the show suggests to us that this is not going to be one of those appearances where he stops in and then spends the remainder of his days hanging out in National City. (We also don’t imagine him pulling a Henry Allen circa season 2 of “The Flash” and hiding out somewhere in the woods where he won’t have to deal with anyone.)

Maybe someday, we’re going to get a chance to see Jeremiah Danvers on the outside once more — it’s just that for us personally, it’s hard to imagine that happening right in the middle of season 2 with everything else going on with some of these characters.