Supergirl: Episode 2.17 Sneak Peeks 4 – Alex meets Maggie’s ex

Prior to it coming on the air tonight, we’ve got for you below a Supergirl season 2 episode 17 sneak peek below that screams one thing more than anything else: Awkwardness. Maggie and Alex are clearly happy and enjoying their life together, and that probably means one thing more than anything else: Someone or something coming in and upsetting the apple cart.

Could that “someone” be Maggie’s ex Emily? It’s certainly suggested so given how uncomfortable this moment is. Maggie and Alex run into Emily after yoga class, where Emily makes it clear that she’s in National City for a week. Emily says rather halfheartedly that they should catch up — which, for our money, was just something that she said to be nice. Meanwhile, Alex, in an attempt to show just how “cool” she was with everything, got her girlfriend to ask her to dinner with the two of them. Now, we seem to have Emily going to dinner with two people that she probably doesn’t want to have dinner with, and we’re not sure how much Sanvers will want to be there, either. Who wants to have a meal with their ex and their new girlfriend?

Anyhow, good on Alex and Maggie for trying to be polite.

As for whether or not we foresee Emily being some enormous problem that splits the couple up, we doubt that given that it’s like we’ve said a few times over now. If these two are going to be split up by something, we have a very hard time believing that it’s going to be an ex from Maggie’s past. They’re stronger than that! If anything, we figure that one source of tension from this meetup could be if Maggie did something to jeopardize her previous relationship that Alex frowns upon. Maybe that is something that makes her a little more worried about her own relationship than she would be otherwise. We want to see Maggie and Alex together however long the series lasts, but like any real relationship, there are going to be bumps in the road! You have to be prepared for that, and the characters have to be able to figure out precisely how to handle these bumps when they come up.