Supergirl: Episode 2.14 Sneak Peeks – Maggie meets Jeremiah Danvers

Love Alex and Maggie? Then we’ve got a Sanvers – Supergirl season 2, episode 14 sneak peek that is right up your alley! This preview is going to feature the two parties making another big move forward. Specifically, we’re speaking about Maggie getting a chance to meet Jeremiah Danvers for the first time.

Does the meeting go well? On the surface, you could say that the answer to this question is “yes” given that the two parties exchange pleasantries. While Jeremiah seems surprised at first to learn that his daughter has a girlfriend, he’s also accepting and happy for her. He also seems more than thrilled that she’s brought along some tequila. Who knew that family gatherings would lead to this much tequila?

While everyone seems to be getting along really well in this preview, there is a larger question still at bay here: What’s going on with Jeremiah?