Suits spin-off – Gina Torres set to star and produce

A mere matter of days after it was first reported that Gina Torres could get an opportunity to continue the story of her Suits character of Jessica Pearson, we’re now getting word that this could be happening.

According to a report coming in from Deadline, Torres is set to star in and produce a potential spin-off series starring Jessica, one that is based off of an idea that she had herself. Speaking to the site, original show creator Aaron Korsh (who would run this series alongside the flagship if it is picked up) made it clear that this was an idea that everyone was excited to put into action:

“Gina had the idea and went to the studio. She pitched an idea of what happens if we follow Jessica into the future a little bit … She has a specific take on it that we’re still mulling over right now. They were excited about it, I was excited about it, and we decided to move forward with thinking about what it is.”

The biggest surprise that we have when it comes to the spin-off is the mere fact that we found out about it so quickly. We’re certainly curious as to how it could come about given that D.B. Woodside, who played her recent love interest Jeff Malone, is now a part of Lucifer and the idea was that she left to Chicago in order to be with him. Maybe you can argue that this relationship didn’t work out, but Jessica wanted a new start in the city nonetheless.