Suits Season 7 – Meghan Markle will return

Interested in clearing up some of the latest silly gossip that is out there? Then this story may be up your alley, given that it’s further clarification that Meghan Markle will be coming on Suits season 7 despite whatever sort of inane talk that is floating around out there.

Speaking to TVLine, a rep confirmed that the entire cast of the show is coming back for the seventh season … not that we ever really doubted this. The gossip out there is unfortunately inevitable, given that it’s coming as a result of Markle being a part of the the British Royal Family press cycle now. With her relationship with Prince Harry being what it is, certain publications are eager to print anything and everything that they can in an effort to get some further press. This includes of course stories about Markle’s employment status and whether or not it could change as a result of this show. Unfortunately, these rumors are going to exist virtually however long the show lasts, and in the event that there ever is some serious consideration around her leaving, we’d suggest that the show start winding things down at that point since we’ve already lost Gina Torres. How many more regulars do you need to lose?

Markle’s been a part of the show since the very beginning as Rachel Zane, and she is one of the show’s most-important characters by and large. She’s engaged to Mike Ross, and we’re still waiting for that wedding to happen! Beyond that, she’s also got a lucrative position now at the firm after Louis Litt made a firm commitment to her in order to further ensure that he didn’t end up losing her to someone or somewhere else.

For the record, the site also reports that the show is in the process of casting the new role of a psychiatrist, someone who is doing their part to help a longtime patient deal with some of their issues. More than likely, this someone is Louis Litt given that he’s got a lot to work through at the moment. While his decision to not sell out Mike Ross may have been a move that he made for further leverage at the firm, it’s not something that Tara agreed with in the slightest. The downfall of that relationship is something he may need to talk with someone about.