Suits Season 6 – How ‘The Donna’ could change Donna’s future

When we were first introduced to the idea of “The Donna” as a storyline on “Suits” season 6, the initial gut reaction was not to take it altogether seriously. This wasn’t meant to be a slam on the Donna character so much as it is just commentary on the entire notion of what this storyline represented: A computerized version of a main character. As someone who has never used Alexa, Google Home, or many of these other assistant programs out there (heck, we don’t even use Siri), the whole concept felt foreign to us.

Yet, at the same time, we’ve sense become aware more of the value of personal assistants of this variety in general, let alone the ramifications of something like this for Donna as a character. Her project with Benjamin could potentially be life-changing — her being the perfect legal secretary (or at least as depicted via The Donna) offers her up a chance to become more than what her job title entails. It allows her to branch off, show a different side, and expose a different part of herself to the world. It could also give her a financial future far beyond what we see at the firm.

In speaking about the specifics of this future further in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Sarah Rafferty passed along the following:

“It becomes a dynamic storyline. I think it actually does have some grounding, some gravitas, especially as we move into the last two episodes of the season. It becomes much more about her identity — her personal identity — and what she wants from her future and if doors are opening to her or closing in terms of opportunities.”

With Donna, you obviously want her to have all the success in the world, even if that means not working alongside Louis and Harvey forever. It’s a complicated issue, since you don’t want her shifting so far from them that she’s not a part of their lives. (This is in part where some of the Harvey / Donna ‘shipping comes from now — a desire to keep the two of them together.)