Suits: Episode 6.16 (finale) Promo – Will Anita Gibbs stop Mike Ross from becoming a lawyer?

“Suits” is a show that is very much all about trying to get its characters out of tricky situations that it puts them in. It’s often so much more of a creative exercise than you would ever expect for it to be.

Take, for example, the job status of a certain Mike Ross. At the start of this season, we saw him locked away in prison. It never seemed as though it was going to be even remotely possible that we were going to see him find a way out of that predicament without serving the full sentence. However, he somehow figured that out with a little help, and now, he’s getting a chance to potentially become a lawyer in actuality for a change. Despite everything that he’s done, there is still a path for redemption. The big question mark mostly revolves around whether or not he can figure out a way to make it happen given all of the stumbling blocks that are put before him.

With this in mind, isn’t it nice that he’s got some amazing friends to lend a helping hand? We do think so, which is why we’re rather thrilled to share some of the first news regarding the season finale airing in one week’s time.

Synopsis – “Mike needs Harvey and Rachel’s help to overcome an impossible obstacle, or his dream of becoming a real lawyer is over. Donna’s new venture hits a snag. Louis tries to patch things up with Tara.”

One of the biggest surprises for us is actually Carly Pope somehow finding a way to be a part of both this show and “Arrow” for almost the entirety of each season. Meanwhile, for Donna, we do want to see this happen just to give her a different endgame. We’re not someone who would use a product like “The Donna,” but it’s easy to figure out in this current climate that many people would.

Promo – Anita Gibbs is back, and she could be working overtime in an effort to try to stop Mike once and for all.