Suits: Episode 6.14 Spoilers – Donna, Benjamin’s project continues

On Wednesday night’s new episode of “Suits,” one of the biggest surprises was seeing a storyline in which Donna was given an opportunity to be the perfect legal secretary everywhere. Basically, Benjamin from the IT department had been secretly recording her voice for a lengthy stretch of time, and was looking to turn her into the next version of an Alexa.

Next week’s new episode is titled “Admission of Guilt,” and interesting team-ups could be one of the most interesting themes of the hour.

Synopsis – “Harvey and Mike walk a fine line when they partner on a class action. Louis needs Rachel’s help impressing a client during an annual presentation. And Donna and Benjamin refine their product.”

What’s going to be rather interesting to us is seeing whether or not Donna appreciates not being the only Donna around, or if there is going to be some interest in trying to discontinue it. (For the time being, we do think that this is going to a source of pretty good humor.)

Promo – We know now that Donna is going to work with Benjamin to try to make his innovation a little more human and actually like her, but it’s not entirely clear just yet what that will require.

What the preview did make clear tonight, however, is that Mike and Harvey are going to work together in order to ensure that Rachel gets into the Bar and is able to become the attorney that she’s worked so hard over the years to be. The reason why this is such a “fine line” is really simple: One wrong move, and it could land Mike back in prison. He’s willing to help Harvey, but realizes how difficult it could be. All in all, sounds like a great episode, right? Louis’ story, whatever it may be, could end up providing a little bit more in the way of levity.