Shadowhunters: Episode 2.08 Promo – Is Alec in danger?

Next week’s new episode of “Shadowhunters” is not too far away from airing (it’s only seven days!), but rest assured that there’s going to be a lot of good stuff coming up. Some of it will be romantic, some of it will be scary, and there’s a chance that someone could do something terrifying. Everyone’s going to be facing off against some things that send a chill down their spine, and by the end of the hour, there could be some pretty devastating consequences.

Below, you can get a little more information about what is coming up even beyond the promo, which presents a scary moment for Alec alongside plenty of drama for Clary.

Synopsis – “Tasked with arranging his brother Max’s Rune Ceremony, Alex decides this would be the perfect opportunity for his family to get to know Magnus. But with tensions flying among the different Shadowhunters, Max’s big event quickly becomes an evening where they all must face their biggest fears. Meanwhile, Simon makes a bold move as Isabelle finds an unlikely new ally.”

In the midst of some of the bad news that could be coming for some of these characters on the show, we do want to present something that we like to think of as good news, as well: The latest ratings. Last week’s new episode drew a 0.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic, which is a slight bump in the right direction from where the show was the week before. This is a signal of some great things that could be tilting in the show’s favor over at Freeform, or at least we hope that this is a case. This is a show that very much deserves a second season, so fingers crossed that this is something that does actually end up happening.