Scorpion Season 3 – Face your fears

The third season of “Scorpion” has already ventured into some incredibly strange places. For example, we’ve seen Walter O’Brien in outer space, Cabe frozen as a means to save his life, and coming up Monday night, both Walter and Paige at sea trying to steer clear of sharks.

When you consider everywhere that the show has been to date over the course of the series’ run, it does make some sense that the one place that would go next is into their own dreams or fears– hey, there’s all sorts of unlimited ground to tread there! They can do whatever they want, and nobody can stand in their way. In speaking on this subject to Entertainment Weekly, here’s what Robert Patrick had to say:

“Some of us are going to have to deal with our innermost fears [being] exposed … We’re going to experience them in a way that’s going to be really, really neat for the audience. Some of the people keep their sanity, but some of us kind of go bananas.”

This is the sort of story that the show can take on and navigate in a wide array of interesting ways. We can easily see some manifestations of it that are very fun, but at the same time others that are a little bit sad. After all, there are some fears that are intensely private, and you don’t want anyone to know about them for a reason. There’s also a reason for many of these people to be afraid, given that many of them been at death’s door before, Walter loves someone who may not love him back (or at least express it), and Toby and Happy may each be worried in their own way about whether or not the two of them are going to make it to their wedding. Expect a little bit more about this particular episode to be revealed in the coming days.