Scorpion: Episode 3.20 Promo – Paige and Happy in crisis

Following tonight’s “Monkey See, Monkey Poo,” Scorpion season 3 episode 20 is in some ways giving you another poop-joke-worthy title in “Broken Wind.” Luckily, this one is actually a reference to something altogether different — though also something that is probably not preferable if you are either Happy or Paige.

This episode will be following the same vein of many recent installments of the show, which goes along the lines of this: Introducing a crisis, putting the team members in peril, and then also forcing them to try and resolve said crisis before anyone gets hurt. This feels a lot about the episode where Walter and Paige were stranded at sea, or the episode where Cabe’s heart stopped, or the episode where Happy, Sylvester, and Cabe were poisoned by a fungus within an inch of their lives. What we’re trying to say here is that the show does tend to follow a pattern in terms of what they bring to the table.

Synopsis – “While on a mission to repair a turbine at a wind farm, Team Scorpion must race to save Paige and Happy before the cable holding the gondola they are in snaps and sends them plummeting to the ground.”

There isn’t too much more tat you can say about a story like this just because it is so much in the vein of some other past stories on the show. We suppose that the one thing that will add to the excitement here is what the show does choose to do from a technical point of view, given that suspending characters in the air can often make for a really interesting bit of drama. When characters are facing great peril, they start to find themselves in a position where they make big choices. Maybe after going through whatever it is that they go through here, Happy and Paige opt to make some larger choices when it comes to their lives … though this makes you think that they haven’t been doing that before and we’re not sure if that is choose.