Scorpion: Episode 3.18 Promo – The quest to save Happy’s friend

The title for the next new episode of “Scorpion” airing on CBS is “Don’t Burst My Bubble,” and based on the information that is out there, we could be seeing a story play out here with a pair of very-separate meanings. From one vantage point, this could be about preserving the illusion of something — or a feeling that is inherently transient like happiness or relief. There’s always something that comes and tries to sap away that sentiment.

For this particular episode, it does appear that there is a more literal meaning to the phrase as well given what we are going to see for Happy’s friend Ada. For further details on the subject, just look below.

Synopsis – “Following a severe storm, Happy’s friend Ada (Mary Mouser), who lives in a sterile bubble to protect her compromised immune system, is left with dangerous debris on the verge of puncturing the structure. Now, Team Scorpion works to safely move Ada to a more secure location without risking her life.”

This is a show that at this point has a pretty established formula for what it wants to do — there is some unusual crisis that only Team Scorpion can solve, and then everyone pools their resources and works hard in order to make it happen. It’s a show where there are risks and a certain element of danger, but it’s also one that is very comedic. Therefore, there is very little incentive to be afraid that anyone important is ever actually going to die through the vast majority of the story.

For Happy, this episode could prove interesting just for getting further insight about her aside from her romantic relationship with Toby. Sometimes, the work with Team Scorpion can be all-consuming, and you just to conclusions and assume automatically that nobody has any other life to speak of outside of the group. This is something that we certainly would not mind seeing more of across the board.