Scorpion: Episode 3.15 Spoilers – Walter, Paige adrift at sea

Tonight’s new episode of “Scorpion” is entitled “Sharknerdo,” and at the center of this installment is going to be a rescue mission like no other. How often do you get a chance to see Walter and Paige trapped in the middle of the ocean together, and then forced to find a way to make their way back to share?

The first sneak peek below does a good job of setting up the foundation for the story ahead — specifically, a hire that will send some team members out into the high seas. Unfortunately, something goes awry (as it often does), and before long a boat explosion leads to Elyes Gabel and Katharine McPhee’s characters being left adrift and left to their own devices aboard a tiny makeshift raft. They try to figure out some ways to survive, but there are going to be some distractions along the way.

1. Walter’s ego – There are going to be some moments in here where you wonder if Walter is more concerned about being right than he necessarily is about actually getting the job done and staying alive.

2. Sharks – Hey, it’s in the episode’s title. Also, what fun would an episode with people lost in the middle of the ocean be unless you had some scenes where the main characters were being attacked? It’s pretty much a key part of the fabric of this sort of episode.

While there’s going to be a good bit of danger in this episode, we don’t exactly consider “Scorpion” to be a show in the business of trying to kill off its main characters. Therefore, we feel reasonably confident that Walter and Paige are going to emerge from this feeling a step above shark bait. The larger question here, at least for us as a viewer, is whether or not we could see these two characters take any further steps in their relationship as a result of spending so much time together. This is the sort of experience that can bring people closer, though at the same time it can also force them further apart.