Reign: Episode 4.02 – Is a spy about to destroy everything?

Tonight, “Reign” is premiering on The CW with the beginning of the final season. Are you excited? We certainly understand that you’ve been forced to wait a rather long time, but there are so many exciting stories to come now! Given that we’re looking at a shortened final season, there is a lot of ground the series has to cover. After all, there are so many moments in the life of Mary that the show could still chronicle.

So where will we see the series go moving forward? Here’s what we can tell you. The title for the next episode is “A Grain of Deception,” and spy games is what you need to be aware of. That’s right — even in history that is histories old, there are still stories about wolves in sheep’s clothing. Mary’s going to have her work cut out for her in trying to figure all of this out.

Synopsis – “Queen Mary (Adelaide Kane) discovers there is a leak amongst her advisors and sets out to uncover the traitor. Queen Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten) enlists in Narcisse (Craig Parker) to further her quest for supremacy. Meanwhile, Catherine (Megan Follows) takes desperate measures to regain some of the power she has lost.”

Basically, we know that all of these women are not going to be successful in some of what they are going through. The real joy of watching this show is going to be seeing how they present all of this, and the evolution of the story from start to finish.

Promo – One of the things that is so great about this is watching the promo now, and then relating this to the Mary that we saw during the earlier seasons of the show. She’s changed rather dramatically, and for the better when it comes to her abilities as a ruler. Unfortunately for her, we’re going to see some challenges mount up for her every step of the way as well.