Ratings – Bones series finale rises

Did the Bones series finale ratings deliver a huge punch? Given that it was the final episode of the series on Fox, it makes sense that you would expect the numbers to move upward.

However, they didn’t necessarily surge in the way that you would’ve expected on Tuesday night. As a matter of fact, the Emily Deschanel – David Boreanaz series ended up posting in total a 1.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic for the installment, which is at least the best rating of the entire final season. It allows the show to go out on top.

As we noted last night, however, we’re not sure a Bones season 13 revival will happen solely from the vantage point that the desire to dive into that may just not be there. What’s the incentive for Fox to bring it back if the ratings are around where they are? We’d love to see it, but the rest of the network’s ratings would have to fall in order for it to be a pretty big commodity again. Never say never, right?