Quantico: Episode 2.15 Promo – Owen versus fake news

Following the big return tonight, Quantico season 2 episode 15 is going to focus on Owen … and get topical in the process. This story, entitled “MOCKINGBIRD,” is going to serve as a great opportunity to help you learn a thing or two more about the show’s new direction, and a tone that is more hopeful and geared towards events happening now. The reality is that this is a world that is stuffed full of headlines and difficult subjects and controversial subject matter. It’s hard to escape from it. There are some shows out there that enable this opportunity a little bit better than others, mostly because of their subject matter.

Yet, Quantico is a show about the now. It’s a show about tackling key issues, and the role of law enforcement on a federal level in taking care of today’s issues. You’re going to learn more about Hunter Parrish’s character on the next new episode, and to go along with that, Owen’s going to dive into a surprisingly-dangerous place.

Episode 15 –  “While their newly appointed leader (Hunter Parrish) gets familiar with the team of CIA and FBI agents, Owen leads an investigation into the strange world of fake news. But hunting down the publishers of a fake story might lead to deadly consequences.”

The thing to remember here when it comes to fake news is that there’s a good chunk of it that doesn’t even come from America, and there are also several other reasons why there may be people out to protect the fake-news industry. There are people who benefit from it, and then people who profit from it. The issue was at one point so systemic that many websites changed their algorithms to better deal with it.

Promo – If you were interested in getting a prime example of the show’s new tone, we do think that this provides it for you and then some. This is about heroism, about teamwork, and about potentially saving millions of lives. Oh, and there is of course a few hookups wedged in here as well, which shouldn’t surprise anyone given the fact that this is still Quantico at its core. The romantic component still remains.