Quantico: Episode 2.14 – The Priyanka Chopra series changes course

Tonight, “Quantico” season 2 gave you an episode that tied up several of the show’s loose ends. We learned that Lydia was the terrorist, that Ryan and Alex are not in a great place, and that there’s going to be a new team formed in the aftermath of everything that Lydia did … and it is one that will include Alex Parrish and company.

Before we move any further, let’s just say that the Lydia twist was SUPER OBVIOUS. We kind of assumed that she had a big role to play in it given her work setting up and running the AIC in the first place. Once we realized that Owen was not anywhere near as evil as he first seemed, the rest was a little bit easier to piece together. We were always a little hot-and-cold about the two timelines; it worked at times in the first season, but the stuff with the hostage crisis was so strong that we would’ve preferred that they focused on that.

 Where we go from here – The show is going to be off the air now until we get around to Monday, March 20, and that is when the final episodes of the season (and possibly the series, based on the latest ratings) are going to air. This is going to feel in many ways like a VERY different show from start to finish. We are no longer going to have the two timelines, and we’re going to have more of a singular story than we’ve ever had before. This is a team that will be seemingly working together to stop threats — the story will have a less scattered feel than it ever did before, and we could even see a simpler narrative.Basically, the show is becoming even more of what we wanted it to be this season — something a little bit different than season 1, and one where you rely on your stories, your cast, and a little bit of hope to carry the day. In an age where things are rather depressing, hopefully the heroics and Priyanka Chopra and company will be able to give everyone a little bit more hope.