Quantico: Episode 2.13 Promo – A traitor will be revealed!

Tonight, “Quantico” aired an episode that brought out some surprises, and in the process also killed Carly. This is a show not messing around, whether it be via some crazy deaths or the big reveals regarding the AIC. We’ve seen so many rogue agents and twists / turns that it’s hardly know just who is good and who is bad. Also, it’s difficult to know precisely how some of these stories are going to be moving forward into next week’s new episode.

While this episode is not a finale by any means, it could potentially have the feel of one based on some of what we’re going to be seeing. After all, this could be the episode that changes everything — we’re getting close to the end of the two timelines, while at the same time we could seeing the walls at the Farm starting to crumble. This is a show that has done a lot of work presenting a variety of different questions, but as we move into this next episode, we could have some answers.

Synopsis – “The recruits learn how to burn everything down if they are ever exposed. Meanwhile, a mysterious death leads to an FBI investigation at the Farm. In the future, Alex heads back into the crisis zone and exposes the true traitor within the CIA.”

We’re now torn on the reveal of who the traitor is going to be. While on one level we’re interested in this traitor being someone significant on the show, at the same time that could mean losing a key character from the story. It’s going to be a bummer, but this is a show that cannot tolerate a half-measure. They have to go big given the structure of the story in the way in which they are promoting it.

Beyond this episode, though, it certainly wouldn’t both us if the show scaled back, and became a little more personal as opposed to focusing on more of the crazy twists all of the time.