Prison Break: Episode 5.02 “Kaniel Outis” Promotional Photos, Promo & Press Release

What’s coming on Prison Break season 5 episode 2? We figure that this will offer up a reasonable chance to dive more into the nitty-gritty of the series, and also allow for some opportunities for all of these characters to breathe and start to find each other further after the premiere spends more time on exposition and bringing back up the world. So much of the premiere had to be about answering old questions; now, the show can jump forward and start raising some new ones.

Now, let’s just look forward to seeing some of what we’re going to end up having on the show when it airs. There are going to be some twists and turns aplenty, but we’re not sure you would expect anything else from the show with this track record.

Synopsis – “As Lincoln and C-Note search for the “Sheik of Light,” Michael and his cellmate, Whip, attempt an escape from Ogygia. Meanwhile, Sara’s investigation into Michael’s reappearance leads her to the state department and an uneasy reunion with Paul Kellerman.”

The further that we get along into this season, we hope the closer to we get to seeing all of these main characters together. That is one of the challenges that comes with starting off so many of these characters far from each other — they have to figure out a way in which to get back to each other, and that is probably not going to be easy given that we’re talking about international divides, manhunts, and the like.

Then again, haven’t Michael and Lincoln been through so much worse? That should give Sara hope that she may be able to find Michael down the road.

Promo – Here, the show chooses to give you more of a look at the remainder of the season than any sort of individual look at next week’s episode. Given what this show is all about, expect a lot of plotting … and also a lot of action. There is only so much time for things to build before the story reaches its peak, and we’re left to wonder what the future holds.