Pretty Little Liars Season 7 – The awkward Aria – Ezra story ahead

When Pretty Little Liars season 7 airs on Freeform next month, you’ll get a chance to see the beginning of the end for the “A” mystery — but the same goes for many romantic subplots. Who out there doesn’t want closure on the Aria – Ezra relationship? They’ve had their fair share of ups and downs, and more are coming when you consider for a minute that the two are going to still be taking on some struggles thanks to what happened with Ezra and Nicole.

At the end of the first half of the season, Nicole was found; with that, she shared a romantic moment with Ezra in front of much of the world. They loved each other, but Ezra thought she was dead and moved on. This suddenly puts Aria in a precarious position, and it’ll take some time for all parties involved to work through this.

Speaking to TV Guide, it’s Ian Harding who offers up the following message in terms of what you can expect to see:

“He’s a little stressed … Just thinking about it makes me stressed and I know it’s not real. I think he’s a little torn. I think they handle it well, but yet there’s going to be a total crap storm around [Ezra].”

This isn’t going to be an easy thing for Ezra to resolve, either, but one thing that we do like about it for now is that everything seems to be fairly out in the open. Nobody’s hiding anything, so as a result of that, everyone’s got a pretty darn good indication of how everyone is thinking and feeling. Hopefully, this continues with Ezra and Nicole and he comes clean to her immediately about everything with Aria. If he doesn’t, it ends up being harmful for everyone involved since nobody gets closure and he runs the risk of ending this season alone.

In the end, we can’t imagine that happening. This is a show that, despite the horrors and the deaths, seems invested in some semblance of a happy ending. We feel confident we’ll see that happen with most of the show’s important relationships.