Pretty Little Liars Season 7 – A.D. to make things ‘personal’

When Pretty Little Liars airs new episodes next month, it’s pretty clear that we’re going to be seeing things play out in a rather chaotic fashion. There are only ten episodes to go, and there are many mysteries that we’re going to need to figure out. In the end, though, almost all of them are going to circle back to one key subject that everyone out there wants to know: The identity of A.D., the architect seemingly behind everything these days. We know that they are evil, dangerous, and just about everything in between. Based on some of the current evidence that we have, it also looks as though we’re going to be finding out more about them sooner rather than later.

Speaking on the subject of the mystery identity in a new interview with TV Guide, Sasha Pieterse (Ali) had the following message to pass along:

“Once you know who A.D. is, it all makes sense … This person targets the girls in a very different way than the As have before. It’s much more personal and much more violating.”

One of the biggest things to be excited about as we move forward into this season is seeing just who A.D. can actually be. This is one of the interesting things about the reveal — if you think about things in a certain way, then it’s possible that you can rule out almost everyone in one way or another. We just have to figure out precisely how to ignore some of this and be able to pinpoint the person behind the mask. We hope that it will be imaginative, and when we do learn who the person is, the show will do a good job retracing some of the steps in order to give us the answer that we are so seeking … plus a little bit of motivation to boot. Without a proper motive, the entire A.D. story could prove to be a letdown. For now, we’re continuing to have faith — it’s so much more fun than the alternative.