Once Upon a Time: Episode 6.14 Promo – The ‘Page 23’ mystery

Once Upon a Time season 6 episode 14 is entitled “Page 23,” and with that, this episode could be finally tying together one of the show’s many loose ends.

If you think back to season 4 episode 20 of the series (yes, that is making you think back a ways), you will remember that the Author had previously written a happy ending for Regina and Robin as a part of an “experimental” book that he’d never gotten the chance to write out completely. He said that he loved writing for Regina, so this idea of her happiness must have come fairly easily to him since it gave him an excellent creative opportunity.

Unfortunately, this is one that never creatively came to pass, even if it would have been rather exciting for him to be able to cultivate this creatively.

So what does “Page 23” mean now, more than a season removed from when we last saw it come up? Maybe this is Regina trying to find a way to turn this page into a reality. We know that this Author is set to return at some point this season, and maybe Regina starts to get desperate in her pursuit of happiness in the midst of Robin of Loxley opening up some old wounds when it comes to Robin. The fact it’s page 23 alone is a reference to Lost, the show that Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz worked on prior to creating Once Upon a Time and embarking on this creative journey.

If the show is resolving page 23, maybe this will encourage them to look at some other loose threads that have been long abandoned. For example, doesn’t anyone remember what happened to Sheriff Graham back in the first season? What about Amy Acker as Grumpy’s potential love interest? There were so many good things from the first season in particular that haven’t been touched on in an extremely long time.

Promo – Well, this does give you some interesting insight … but mostly on the subject of Regina versus the Evil Queen, who was somehow revealed in the closing minutes of the episode. We don’t know how she’s free, but the thing that matters is that she is. You better brace yourself for a fight coming up!