Once Upon a Time: Episode 6.11 – Tease all about Regina, Robin Hood

For all Robin Hood – Regina / Outlaw Queen fans, the great news is that Once Upon a Time is almost back on the air! The next new episode entitled “Tougher Than the Rest” is going to be airing in just seven days, and to go along with that, we’ve got a tiny teaser below in terms of what is coming up.

This teaser comes to you below via the official Twitter of show executive producer Adam Horowitz, and while it may be a brief one, it gives you a good sense of where our characters’ heads are at. For Regina, she’s obviously going to want to believe that the Robin she meets in the wish-world is the same Robin pictured above. In other words, the same Robin who loved her and wanted a future with her. In a certain part of his heart, we do feel like he probably is. That Robin had many things in common with this one, after all. The difference is the ability to potentially access feelings that he could have.

This Robin, after all, seems far more inclined to rob Regina than he is to flirt with her. She needs Emma to tell her to give up the necklace to him before she actually does, just because she’s still got it within her head that this could be the same man that she loves. Seeing this journey play out will be fascinating, and there are also probably times that it will be heartbreaking. We’ve said a few times over that the Robin Hood – Regina relationship was one of our favorites on the show. Even if it doesn’t last here, we can at least rejoice that we have one more appearance from Sean Maguire, and hopefully a chance for the two parties to have a little bit more in the way of closure.

As we get closer to the show’s big return, be prepared for further news and teasers!