NCIS Season 14 – Mary Stuart Masterson returns & Bishop seeks justice for Qasim

Back during the episode “Willoughby” that aired earlier this year, we saw one of the more brutal moments from “NCIS” this season as we saw Ellie Bishop lose someone who was starting to become very close to her: Qasim, her new boyfriend and a top-notch analyst. While their relationship was still relatively new, it’s still fair to say that losing him will have a profound impact on her life. If nothing else, it will influence her further in terms of how driven she is moving forward this season.

On the upcoming February 21 episode entitled “A Many Splendored Thing,” we are going to have a chance to see a new lead open up in the Chen case. This will allow Gibbs and company to follow the trail, and Bishop’s going to be intent on getting answers in any way that she possibly can.

As if this was not reason enough to be excited about this episode, know this: You’re also going to be getting a chance to see the return of Mary Stuart Masterson in the role of Jenna Fleming. The last time that she surfaced on the show, she was reluctant to share with anyone that she was being targeted; this time around, however, it’s not entirely clear just how she is going to be featured … but we’re certainly eager to find out. This is the sort of character that we are more than happy to see as much as we can on “NCIS”, mostly because of the fact that she brings something from the political world to the show that feels authentic, while still at the same time not making things overly political. This show works best when the focus is on the heroism of its main characters, and not so much partisan matters that could divide various members of the team and beyond.