NCIS season 14 casts Rizzoli & Isles fan favorite for powerful guest spot

The fourteenth season of NCIS is looking ahead to planning some more powerful episodes later this season. Specifically, today, we’re seeing an NCIS Bruce McGill connection form! Sources confirm to TVLine that the recent Rizzoli & Isles actor is going to be appearing on the CBS crime drama moving forward this season, and with a very important part in Vietnam War veteran Henry Rogers

Specifically, Rogers is going to be appearing on the show as a part of the Honor Flight Network, which is a real-life organization that helps to transport veterans, free of charge, to Washington DC in order to visit memorials that pertain to their time overseas. It is a way for them to reflect on much of the sacrifice and service that they’ve done over the years. This is something that NCIS especially has done several times over their run. While this may be a fictional show, they take the commitment to supporting veteran causes seriously. They’ve featured many of them, with another recent example being a Michelle Obama appearance on the show to help further support military spouses and families. Hopefully, McGill’s appearance serves a further means to get the proper sort of attention out there.

In a statement, here is what new showrunners George Schenck and Frank Cardea had to say on the casting:

“We are pleased that Bruce McGill will be playing decorated Vietnam War veteran Henry Rogers … We have been huge fans of his going all the way back to his breakout performance as D-Day in the unforgettable comedy classic Animal House.”