NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 – Debra Jo Rupp and Martin Mull to guest-star

While there may not be a new episode of “NCIS: Los Angeles” coming on the air Sunday night, maybe the following announcement will be news enough to make up for it: You’re going to get a chance to see Debra Jo Rupp and Martin Mull on the show later this season!

According to a report from Entertainment Weekly, the two comedy icons are going to be guest-starring on an episode airing this March, where they are going to be playing the part of two con artists looking to trick folks at various retirement homes. Specifically, in this episode you’re going to see the NCIS team get assigned to follow them after they go after a Veterans’ Retirement Home and a rare coin with a high value in the millions. Whatever they do in this particular case, let’s just say that it leads to the kidnapping and attempted murder of a Lieutenant. Obviously, there’s going to be a lot of comedy given the talent of the guest stars, but there will be some serious moments sprinkled in throughout.

At this particular point in the show’s history, we have to imagine that there will be especially a need for a few funny moments here and there. Just remember everything that we’re seeing the team go through right now with the mole story — this is a team that does go through a lot every single season (it’s all a part of the job), but even with that you can still argue that they’ve been through more trials and tribulations than usual as of late.

New episodes of “NCIS: Los Angeles” will resume on Sunday, February 19 — you do have to remember that in additional to the Super Bowl, the show is also going to be off the air on CBS the following week because of the Grammys.