NCIS: Episode 14.17 Sneak Peeks – McGee’s apartment break-in

On Tuesday night’s NCIS season 14, episode 17, there will be an opportunity to see McGee’s apartment break-in lead to a surprising number of different things — with a Tony DiNozzo reference being one of them.

In the first of the two sneak peeks for the episode that you can see below, you see Sean Murray’s character coming home to find a stranger in his apartment. A shootout ensues, but eventually whoever this person is gets shot by McGee as he has to figure out the right way to protect himself. The entire onslaught leaves him confused. He doesn’t know why anyone would be sneaking into his place, let alone trying to uncover what appears to be all-important secrets.

Apparently, the entire sequence of events was such that it caused McGee to omit a key part of his story to a discussion with Lila later — that he actually ended up killing a guy. What follows is a humor back-and-forth on the subject of what constitutes important events, and then also what constitutes information that does not need to be spread around in anywhere near the same capacity. You gotta think that this is all going to blow up in McGee’s face spectacularly, right? You know what’s said about loose lips, and he’s telling everyone at the office everything that there is to know about the apartment incident … except for Delilah. He thinks that somehow, he can get all of that figured out by the time that she makes it back home.

While it’s just a tiny moment in the second sneak peek, we’re still sure that Tony fans are going to love the mention that McGee called him up at one point in order to get a few suggestions on what he’s working through. Apparently, it doesn’t seem as thought DiNozzo had that much information to offer up, but it’s nice to just see that he’s still out there somewhere. (It’s still too bad that it’s hard to see him guest-starring on this show given that he’s still on Bull for the majority of the spring.)