NCIS: Episode 14.16 Promo – Bishop wants justice for Qasim

Tonight, “NCIS” had a chance to dive into a story that was fun in some ways, even if you were dealing with serious subject matter in the form of a stolen “terror playbook.” Crossovers always do tend to have some crowd-pleasing elements just because you’re getting a chance to play up some of the humor that comes with uniting people — it’s getting the metaphorical Avengers together and seeing what happens when the forces collide.

Next week, the show is returning with “A Many Splendored Thing” that is going to pick up back where “Willoughby” earlier this year left off, at least in terms of providing a more personal story for Ellie Bishop that follows up on what happened to her boyfriend Qasim. She’ll be desperate to solve the Chen case, but it’s not going to be an easy thing to do.

Synopsis – “Bishop is more determined than ever to seek revenge for the murder of Qasim, her late boyfriend, after Gibbs and the team find a new lead in the Chen case. Also, Torres teaches the agents the art of pickpocketing.”

This sounds on paper like it’s going to be great, mostly because in true “NCIS” fashion you’re getting a little bit of everything. There’ll be a chance for you to dive a little bit into what happened to Qasim and maybe get closer to some resolution there — if that is a little too weighty for you, there may be some comedy in seeing what exactly Torres is up to in terms of his teachings. Pickpocketing is the sort of thing that can be essential to learn, but unfortunately for some people, it’s not going to probably go all that well.

If this episode does somehow close the door on the Chen mythology, then we expect the show to introduce something else before we get to the finale. Those episodes do tend to typically take on larger subjects or heavier concepts, though we have seen from time to time (such as in “Honor Thy Father”) them take a more personal route.