NCIS: Episode 14.15 “Pandora’s Box” Promotional Photos & Press Release

Tonight, both “NCIS” and “NCIS: New Orleans” are giving you some stories that are familiar to their own worlds and their own casts. Moving into next week, however, we’re going to see these series on a little bit more of a collision course. The annual crossover is here! We’re calling it such given that this is the third straight year in which we’ve seen these two shows do such an event, and we hope that this does provide more opportunities to see different character combinations to work together.

These episodes are going to be titled “Pandora’s Box,” which is a pretty interesting name for this show given that there is such a mystical connotation that goes along with that. This is typically not the sort of thing that we associate with this show, but that may be in some ways why it was chosen in the first place.

Part 1 – “After Abby’s homeland security think tank is compromised and she is found in possession of a real bomb, the NCIS team discovers the leader of the group has been murdered and a theoretical terror playbook has been stolen, on the first part of a special two-hour crossover event.”

Part 2 – “NCIS agents McGee and Torres travel to New Orleans to partner with Pride and his team in the search for a missing homeland security theoretical terror playbook.”

There are a couple of especially-notable things about the second part of this crossover. We’re going to get a chance to see a performance from country-music superstar Maren Morris. Not only that, but LeVar Burton of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” (and “Reading Rainbow”) fame will be the director for the episode. While we won’t actually see him onscreen, he’s one of our personal heroes so just knowing that he’s going to be around is something worthy of some excitement in itself.