Nashville Season 5 – Connie Britton’s future in doubt again due to pilot availability

Recently, there was some good news regarding just how much of Connie Britton we are going to be seeing on the fifth season of “Nashville.” However, that news may be flipping upside-down in the minds of many now.

As first reported by Deadline, Britton is being made available for pilot season, which means basically that she is looking to star on another show somewhere else. This clearly means that her future for the CMT drama is uncertain in event that it is renewed for a season 6; if she does return, it would likely only be in a guest appearance here or there.

While this news is a significant bummer, at the same time it’s hard to be all that upset with Connie over it. She did at amazing job on this show as Rayna for five seasons, and worked some incredibly long hours in the process. She may just be looking to do something a little bit different now, and maybe the writers have a good way in which to write the character out of the show.

As for whether or not we even think that “Nashville” will be renewed for a sixth season, that is at the moment rather hard to say in its own right. Just remember for a minute here that part of the show’s funding at the moment comes via Hulu, and they don’t make their ratings all that clear. The numbers for CMT are to date decent, but we imagine that this show is rather pricey given all of the music and people who play important roles on the show.

This is a situation that will probably become clearer over the next few weeks, as we start to see a little more news about pilot season come out. For the time being, though, it’s sadly looking all the more apparent that we are only going to be seeing a little bit more of one of our favorite characters … provided that the series sticks around.