Nashville: Episode 5.11 – Ratings Slide

In this cable ratings discussion, we kick things off with some further news about Nashville following the exit of one Connie Britton: The total number of viewers who watched the episode after Rayna’s death were not all willing to stick around.

The Nashville season 5 episode 11 ratings are in, and they feature the show drawing in total a 0.2 rating in the 18-49 demographic and also 970,000 total viewers. These are both down from the week before by a healthy margin, though they are fairly close to the entire season 5 averages to date. These are numbers that the show could use ultimately to get itself a season 6 — that hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, but all indications so far are that this show is proving to be the most successful scripted entity in the history of CMT. It also feels likely that it could have a long life just because it brings such a different flair to the series and you don’t necessarily need the same cast to be there all the time for it to work. Maybe this is meant to be thought of as a show that CMT could create into a new institution. Time will tell in that department!

  • Kim Leece

    Nashville doesn’t need Connie Britton Charles Esten and Lennon and Maisy Stella deserve an Emmy for there performances in the Episode of Raynas Death and the two following that. They did an amazing job at bringing their characters to life. As did the rest of the cast in the mid season finale episode. The show has so much further to go it has never been all about Rayna if we hadn’t of had other cast members too the show would have been over long ago. And remember Connie Britton wanted out she lost interest a while ago you could see that when she was up Hilary Clintons arse instead of doing what the rest of the cast where by trending with us #BringBackNashville and touring last year. She obviously thinks she is bigger than Nashville, one day she will realise you don’t bite the hand that feeds you!