Nashville: Episode 5.10 Promo – What’s left after Connie Britton’s exit?

How will ‘Nashville‘ season 5, episode 10 pick up where episode 9 left off? Let’s just say that for “I’ll Fly Away,” the stakes are higher than ever. They may very well be in a completely different stratosphere given that we just went through one of the biggest episodes in the entire history of the series. It was emotional from start to finish — warning, spoilers lie ahead!

Tonight’s episode brought the departure of Connie Britton to the series, something that she claims was her decision — but one that is not easy to digest. The series lost one of its biggest characters in Rayna James as she died following an automobile accident. This is something that happens, even to the biggest celebrities in the world. The reality here is that after the fact, the show goes on and we all need to sift through some of the wreckage. This seems to be the priority for the series now as it moves into the final two episodes of season 5A.

Synopsis – “A legal dispute threatens to break apart the family; Juliette demands to perform at the CMT Music Awards; Will and Zach are drawn closer together.”