Nashville 100th Episode Filming – Connie Britton shares reflection

While there may not have a been a new Nashville season 5 episode this week, here’s something to be excited about for down the road: The Nashville 100th episode is coming a little bit later on this year.

Below, you can see a cake that the show had made in celebration of the big event, and there is absolutely one thing that we can say about it right now: Fantastic. This gives you a good sense of the sort of grand celebration that you’re going to be see coming up for this show — it’s not easy to make it to 100 episodes, and it’s even more challenging when you think specifically about what sort of journey that it’s been on to get to this place. We’re talking here about network changes, long hours, and even losing Connie Britton as one of the leads a mere matter of weeks ago.

Even if Connie is no longer a part of the show, she was kind enough to share a lovely note on Instagram looking back at some of her own time on the series. It shows the amount of personal growth that she’s had and her family’s had since she first started up on the show. We figure that the Nashville 100th episode will be seen as a tribute to everything that’s come before, and there will probably be some great guest appearances in there, as well. We know that in terms of new characters, Rachel Bilson and Kaitlin Doubleday are going to be two of the new additions for the second half of season 5. It’s probably smart for the show to give you two new characters, that way nobody has to shoulder any sort of burden over potentially being labeled as a Britton “replacement” in any stretch of the imagination.