Lucifer Season 3 – The earliest casting news yet

Sure, the episodes may not air until the fall, but why not go ahead and present some of the first Lucifer season 3 spoilers? Today, we’re talking casting, and it’s someone who will inhabit one of the upcoming standalone hours.

As first reported by TVLine, Lauren Holly of NCIS fame is going to be appearing for an upcoming season 3 episode — while there aren’t too many details officially known about the character just yet, her name is Roxie and it seems as though she’s connected to a casino in Las Vegas in some way.

So why do we know season 3 casting so early? One of the big reasons for that is that the show’s currently filming several episodes that were originally a part of the season 2 order. However, the plans for the show shifted so that several of these episodes, designed to be standalone in nature, will now air during season 3. This offers up some great opportunities for the writers to tell some individual stories, and it keeps Lucifer season 2 from airing deep into the summer. While this may be frustrating for people who want as much of the show as close as humanly possible, we do think that one of the positives here is that it could enable us to get as many as 26 episodes next season, which means that there will be very few breaks and it won’t need to deal with hiatuses that are anywhere near as long as what we had to deal with this time around.

For now, we’re just excited to be getting as much Lucifer as we are — it doesn’t matter as much when they are, since new episodes are new episodes and we’re getting them eventually. Once there is more to report on, we’ll have it for you here — for the time being, we imagine that Fox will be so kind as to release some sort of new teaser / trailer for the rest of the season over the next few weeks. The show returns on Monday, May 1, so there should be an incentive to get some more promo out there. Gotta keep the ratings up! Season 3 is great, but of course we want a season 4 to go along with it.