Lucifer Season 2 Episode 14 “Candy Morningstar” Synopsis & Promo

While you wait for May 1, why not check out a new Lucifer season 2 episode 14 promo? This one gives you a few things to look forward to. While it’s short, it contains a variety of fun little moments, including references to Heaven and Lucifer’s goal at the moment when it comes to his mother — let’s just say that he is not exactly enthused about the possibility of spending any more time with her, not that this should come as much of a surprise to anyone.

Also, in here you’ve got your first look at Timothy Omundson as “God,” or a man posing as the character. Whether or not he really is remains to be seen, but we’re thrilled at the mere opportunity to see him for now. Omundson of course is well-known from Psych and from Galavant … and for also being one of our favorite TV actors out there. Basically, the first moment that we heard about this casting news was an opportunity to do a little bit of a happy dance of glee. Why wouldn’t we be thrilled at the opportunity in order to see him on this show!

In addition to this footage of Omundson as God below, we’ve also got a little bit of insight from WonderCon today, where we got a chance to see just how “bittersweet” it apparently is for many of the cast / crew members to say goodbye to Vancouver, as production for the majority of season 3 is heading to Los Angeles. There is a tremendous sense of excitement in that you’re going to get a chance to better replicate the place where the show is actually set. However, at the same time you’re having to say goodbye to many crew members who are actually based in the city. Not everyone is going to be making the trip down.

“We’re incredibly excited to be back in LA. We’ll just be able to shoot every corner of Los Angeles … I think it’s always been a character in the show, but you’ll feel it a little bit more, in a really exciting way.”