Law and Order SVU: Episode 18.14 Promo – Missy Peregrym set for ‘Net Worth’

Want to know what lies ahead on Law & Order: SVU season 18 episode 14? Following tonight’s episode “Genes,” otherwise known as the first installment in the past several weeks, the show will be moving forward and presenting you a story in “Net Worth” that takes on Wall Street, and some of the terrible things and pressures that can exist there.

NBC is not one to give you much in the way of advance information on some of their upcoming SVU episodes, but here we can present with the first news on the guest-star front!

Synopsis – “A top-level investment banker (Missy Peregrym) accuses her billionaire client of rape (Tate Donovan).”

This has shown itself to be a pretty great year for the former Rookie Blue star Peregrym when it comes to appearing on iconic crime procedurals — prior to this guest spot, she also had a role on Hawaii Five-0 as Danny’s sister, who was attending a conference in Hawaii at the time the story took place. This is obviously a very different role, and we imagine that the show could explore some of the complicated power dynamics that exist in Wall Street. If Donovan is playing one of those billionaire fat-cats with a god complex, he may be the sort who thinks that he can get away with anything. Even if he rapes Peregrym’s character, maybe he thinks that her firm will be too afraid to lose him as a client and therefore will pressure her to not say anything about it. (Or, as the promo indicates, you could see the billionaire offer her $5 million to not testify.)

The case could be far different than what we are anticipating here, but this is what the SVU squad is for! Benson and company will come in and investigate, and we have to hope that justice will be obtained in some form or another … though with this show, nothing is guaranteed.

In case you’re wondering why “Know It All,” the episode originally hyped more than a month ago, was not on the air either tonight or next week, it’s because of an NBC schedule switch. This episode, which will feature a man threatening to expose the personal secrets of anyone who investigates him, will now air in April. We’ll have more on it next week.