Law and Order SVU: Episode 18.13 Spoilers – Episode title; other news

Unfortunately, the bad news is that Law & Order: SVU is not airing its next new episode until we get around to Wednesday, March 22. Still, we do want to do our part to provide some assorted news items until then!

In a new post on Twitter (see below), executive producer Julie Martin confirmed that “Know It All” will be the title for the upcoming new episode of the show. This does not necessarily tell you a whole lot about the story itself, but there is often a thematic significance to any name that is thrown out there.

If we’re going to speak to episode-titles for this show on a granular level, it is still unusual to see ones with three words in them. For many years before this (specifically during the Warren Leight showrunner era) the vast majority of the titles were two words with very little fluctuation. That’s loosened slightly this year, though two words is still the trend.

For those wondering about where the show is in production right now, Martin also said that they are working on episode 18. That means that the season’s starting to enter the home stretch!