Law and Order SVU: Episode 18.13 Promo – Hints at ‘Genes’ story

Last night, NBC unveiled the latest Law & Order: SVU season 18 episode 13 promo, and this one does a rather good job of getting you into what the story is going to be for “Genes.” This episode is going to be airing on the network March 22, and it raises a question that Olivia Benson is quick to rebuke: Is there such a thing as a rape gene?

As the promo indicates, a man is going to try and profess that he is not responsible for his crime of raping a woman, stating that he was “born this way” and there was nothing he could do about it. You can argue that either he’s trying to conjure up some sort of convenient excuse for himself, knowing that he’s obviously guilty and the evidence points to him, or he legitimately thinks that. If it’s the latter, that is a little more dangerous for the SVU team to take on. Still, they have a powerful, concise argument: Nobody gets away with something just because they claim they’re genetically predisposed for it. You are ultimately in control of your own actions.

In true NBC fashion, the preview was short, but hopefully this is still enough to give you a very good indication that this is a story that you want to watch live. Who knows? Maybe the series will be renewed for a season 19 by the time this rolls around. We certainly do think that this is something we’d like to see happen.

Synopsis – “A man under investigation for rape and murder threatens to expose the secrets of those working the case.”

In typical SVU fashion, this isn’t a lot to go on, but given that these episodes tend to be fairly linear, it’s hard to present a whole lot more than this. The basic summation here is that this said man, who probably is the know-it-all, will look for revenge on those investigating him. Basically, it sounds like he’s going to take a knowledge-is-power approach and try to blackmail people. We’re not sure how committing a crime will help him potentially get off with other crimes, but sometimes, criminals don’t think these sort of things through. Even if he’s innocent of rape and murder, he could easily end up being guilty of something else.

While this hiatus is a long one given that we are in the middle of the season, the good news here is that from “Know It All” onward, you will probably get new installments just about every week for the remainder of the season. That should make the final weeks especially exciting, even if we don’t love the fact that it has to air against Empire for almost all of them. Luckily, we know that it can do it — it’s battled that competition before, and it can almost certainly do so again. (It’d be even MORE exciting if there was a renewal announcement somewhere in there. Just saying.)