Law and Order SVU: Episode 18.12 Preview – A longer look at ‘No Surrender’

When you have heroes, you want to ensure that they get the best treatment they deserve. The last thing that you want to see is for them to come home from serving overseas only to be the victim of something as unspeakable as sexual assault.

Yet, this is the focus of Wednesday night’s new episode of “Law & Order: SVU” entitled “No Surrender.” The two sneak peeks below (via Twitter) give you a good sense of the case at the center of the episode. The victim is Captain Beth Williams, the first woman to graduate Ranger school. She earned a Silver Star and served multiple tours in Iraq — she’s the sort of American hero that anyone who enters the military should aspire to be, but then she is the victim of something so terrible. Given Fin’s own military history, this is a case that will impact him and make him reflect on his own life.

The second sneak peek, meanwhile, features Benson doing what she does best in searching for answers. She questions Major Dantley in hopes of getting some further information about possible suspects, but does not find him to be particularly forthcoming. It’s possible that there was no involvement in what happened from anyone in the military, but it makes sense for Benson to ask all of the necessary questions to get to the bottom of this. You especially have to when you consider the history of sexual assault in the military, an issue that still needs to be massively curtailed and one that does not receive the proper attention or enforcement.

Right at the end of the conversation, Benson is called over by Carisi, and he may have key information that moves them into a specific direction with the case.

These sneak peeks should be a jumping off point for everything else within the episode; hopefully, justice is achieved for what happened to Captain Williams, and the people responsible are put away.