Ice-T unsure if Donald Trump inspired Law and Order SVU episode ‘Unstoppable’ will air

The Law & Order: SVU episode ‘Unstoppable’ remains in many ways one of the biggest enigmas of the season 18. It was first scheduled to air this fall, but eventually was pushed back because of the Presidential Election. From there, it was pushed back again to the new year, and it’s starting to seem now like nobody is ever going to see it.

If star Ice-T were to have his way, he may argue that this episode isn’t even needed to air anymore. Speaking in a new interview with Vanity Fair (one that does include spoilers for the actual story, the actor who plays Fin made it clear that in his mind, he doesn’t “even think it’s worth showing,” adding that it “wasn’t one of our best shows.” From there, he went on to say that the story may have tried a little too hard to replicate the story of Donald Trump with the character played by Gary Cole:

Law & Order wants to be close, but not too close. [Cole’s character] wasn’t Trump, [but] he acted like Trump. I think NBC just said, ‘You know what? This might be cheesy or corny.’ And to put it out now, it’s old and stuff. I think they just got rid of it … I don’t know if they burned [it] or whatever. They paid me for it. I don’t give a f–k, really. I got my money!”

If we were to speculate a little more about this, we would argue that the episode could end up on a DVD down the line, but there may not be any prescient need to put it on the air at this point. Most of the stories within it are a little older now, and while we’re down for a good Trump takedown as much as anything, NBC may be looking to get out of even mentioning the President on their primetime lineup if they can. Remember that The Celebrity Apprentice is likely going to be canceled at the end of the season. Personally, we do want to see it; it’s just hard to figure out what the network philosophy on this is.